Supervisor: Prof. Min Liu
Email: jiangxf0903 {AT} bupt {DOT} edu {DOT} cn
Lab: Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 7th floor
Github Profile: Xuefen
PH.D Student: People Have Dreams


  Currently I’m a senior student of School of Computer Science, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. And now I’m following Prof.Liu to pre-start my PHD period of research and projects. And I’m also supervised by Prof.Wang and working with other brilliant fellow lab researchers and members.

Research Interests

  In the future years, I’ll pursue for my PHD degree under the advision of Prof.Min Liu and be dedicated to advanced network computation system theory and technology.

  • MEC: Mobile Edge Computing.
  • Egde Intelligence: Ai System in the distributed computation network. Recently I’m focused on the research regarding Federated Learning and corresponding project with Huawei.
  • Network and Communications:Like SDN , NFV , Web Services Architecture, Unmanned System Network Collaboration(UAV) and others. I hope I can learn more about advanced network systems.

Talks & Notes

To be continued…


Down to zero we go : )

Educational Background

  • 2017.9~2021.7: School of Computer Science at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and major in Network Engineering. (BUPT-SCS Network Engineering)
  • 2021.7~ Future: Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Network Technology Research Center, pursuing for my PHD degree under the supervision of Professor Liu.

Intern Experience

Company: Yuan Fudao    Position: Python Intern       2019

Company: Xizi Education Tech  Position: Algorithm Engineer   2020

Awards & Honors & Contests

  • Merit Student Award & Excellent Student Cadre Award of BUPT
  • Rank 2/69 in Network Engineering of BUPT-SCS
  • Merit Undergraduate Scholarship of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Enterprise Scholarship(Head of First Prize) , offered by Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co,Ltd(About Top 10/600)
  • National Mathematics Competition, Third Prize
  • American Mathematics Contest in Modeling, Honorable Nomination
  • National English Competition, Third Prize
  • National Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Project, which is Nominated as a National Project and Has Completed One National Software Copyright Registration, Project Leader
  • “Success is not final, and failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.”

Daily Interests & Hobbies

  • Classic movies & thought-provoking TV series & interesting anime
  • Music of many genres, and some live music concerts
  • Cycling🚲 & sightseeing🌼
  • Explore the precious moments of life and experience the Un-Done & Un-Known